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Would you like to take your luxury jewelry brand to the next level and really break into the US market? Billions of dollars are spent every year in the United States on necklaces, rings, watches and bracelets. It is no surprise that jewelry brands want to introduce their products to customers that are eager to spend.

There is no doubt that you already have the passion and drive necessary to make your brand work. If you have a niche concept, such as luxury Asian-style jewellery e.g., Indian Gold jewellery, you know that you have something exciting to bring to the US market. But you need to ensure that you identify your target audience first. This way, you can successfully market your products to the right people and provide them with the best experience. Here is how you can recognize your target audience and make your dream a reality in the US.

Start with Surveys

You may have customers already making purchases that can help you identify the target audience in the United States. This is particularly true if you have an international brand. To gather data, you can ask customers to fill out short surveys. This can identify who they are and what their buying habits are. While some customers are willing to complete a survey for free, others might need some enticement. You can always allow them to unlock a discount code if they complete the survey.

Therefore, use surveys to your advantage. Ask the customer what their gender is, as well as their age. You can even ask questions such as their income range and job. General questions are better as you do not want the customer to feel like they are invasive. The answers will still be enough to see what your target audience is like.

Analyze Other Indian Jewelry Brands

It is likely that there are other brands out there offering similar jewelry pieces to you. Indeed, there can be Asian-style and luxury brands. However, this should not be something that is intimidating. It can actually be useful when it comes to identifying your target audience. A good example of a brand that is targeting the 22k Indian gold jewelry niche well is Queen of Hearts. They specialize in 22-karat gold jewelry, offering beautiful Indian and South Asian designs. There can be clues in their marketing that can help identify customers.

Watching your competitors can be a very useful tactic. Knowing who their customers are will allow you to see who is making purchases. Indeed, you want to ensure they choose your brand instead. Take a look at their social media platforms and spend time understanding the users that are interacting with them. There is going to be a lot of useful data on platforms such as Instagram.

Check Google Analytics

Hopefully, you are already familiar with Google Analytics. If not, now is definitely the time to understand this service and the advantages it can offer you. Namely, you are going to gain a better understanding on your website traffic and what people are visiting your site. Analyzing this data will allow you to figure out what customers you want to target with your advertizing and marketing.

For example, you will be able to see geographical locations and where in the United States customers are. If you already have sales there, you might notice a pattern emerging, such as in certain city areas. Other information Google Analytics can give you include the age of visitors, their gender and even how they are browsing your site.

Use Social Media Insights

Having various social media accounts is vital for businesses in the 21st century. This is no different for a luxury jewelry brand. Indeed, this means having a Facebook account and an active Instagram page. The great thing about these platforms is they can provide you with insights into who is already viewing your content. This can allow you to zone in on who your target audience is.

For example, there is a professional dashboard for Instagram business accounts. The metrics can be useful in seeing who is engaging with your account since there are also other apps that can help to analyse the data. In addition, Facebook has Audience Insights. This gains you a better perspective on the users that are interacting with your Facebook page or an event you created. This includes location, age, gender and even education level. Pulling all of this information together will be useful for your research.


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