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In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interviewed Rob Dubé, a seasoned entrepreneur and co-founder of Image One. Rob is the visionary and CEO of The 10 Disciplines for Managing and Maximizing Your Energy, and cofounder and podcast host of Entrepreneurial Leap. He is also the author of donothing, host of the Do Nothing retreat, and host of the Leading with Genuine Care podcast.

From selling Blow pops in high school to building successful businesses, through his work, Rob challenges business leaders and entrepreneurs to look inward with mindfulness and meditation by sharing his own mindful leadership journey. Co-authored with Gino Wickman “Shine: How Looking Inward Is the Key to Unlocking True Entrepreneurial Freedom”

Key Takeaways

Join Rob Dubé as he shares insights into the profound impact of inner work on entrepreneurial success. Explore how personal growth and self-awareness can transform leadership effectiveness and organizational culture. Discover the importance of saying no often, embracing authenticity, and cultivating stillness in a fast-paced world. Rob’s experiences highlight the significance of understanding oneself deeply to lead with clarity, purpose, and resilience. Unlock the silent power of entrepreneurial self-exploration and embark on a journey of growth, fulfillment, and sustainable success in both business and life.

Questions I ask Rob Dubé:

[00:47] Tell us a little about your entrepreneurial past?

[01:57] How did you working with a start-up like image one in your early days inspire the 10 disciplines in your book?

[04:19] What’s your connection to your co-author; Gino?

[07:05] How do the 10 disciplines show up differently in Shine as opposed to your early work with EOS life?

[12:19] What are some of the benefits and approaches to the discipline of ‘being still’ ?

[15:57] Are there certain rituals and habits that could work for almost anybody?

[13:54] How does a leader help their team adjust to their embracing empathy?

[17:25] What has organizing retreats taught you about self-discovery in leaders?

[19:48] Where can people connect with you, learn more about your work and pick a copy of your book?

More About Rob Dubé:

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