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Mark Shekter, a guest on the Duct Tape Marketing PodcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Mark Shekter. He is a Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, and original thinker. He pioneered a new system of creative thinking that empowers Start-Ups to Fortune 500 clients to build robust and sustainable enterprises while reshaping corporate cultures for unlimited innovation and growth. 

In his new book: Think8: 8 Steps to Ignite Your Creative Genius in Business, Career, & Life, Mark shares his proven method for unlocking creativity previously only available to his global Think8 clients.


Key Takeaway:

When individuals focus on their purpose and passion, they can unlock their creative energy and achieve remarkable results in various domains of life. Creativity is not limited to artistic endeavors but can be applied in business contexts as well. The Think8 methodology has 8 steps: purpose, message, tone, character, content, structure, style, and impact, when followed in sequence, leads to optimal results. Mark emphasizes that in companies, consensus and alignment among team members with authenticity and transparency are crucial for unlocking a company’s true worth and making a meaningful impact.

Questions I ask Mark Shekter:

  • [01:42] On your subtitle: unlocking your creative genius in business, career, and life. So are you suggesting that this is a framework that you could apply if you were trying to advance your career, or if you wanted a better life as well as to grow a business?
  • [03:51] You introduce a concept of unlocking a company’s true worth. What do you mean by that?
  • [05:19] Some people may think that creativity is just the art department in charge of branding or creating some slogan or jingle. But you’re really applying a new thinking on the role of creativity, aren’t you?
  • [07:27] Almost everything we do in business takes some sort of element of creativity, doesn’t it?
  • [09:08] The first out of the 8 steps is purpose. That’s a very tough step for people because they sit around a room and say, what’s our purpose? Does everybody agree on those 8 words?
  • [17:31] The fourth step is character and unifying the company’s core values and beliefs. I think the challenge here could be that maybe the founder has beliefs and values that are not necessarily aligned with the rest of the members of a company. How do you kind of rectify that?
  • [21:10] So you finish up the steps with impact which I think it’s interesting because you can never achieve impact without the previous 7 steps, right?

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