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Jeff Fenster is the founder of the successful healthy food chain Everbowl. He is now creating his own media company that focuses on providing value to his audience instead of just pushing products.

Instead of concentrating on doing commercials to sell his businesses, the serial entrepreneur is building a media machine to create a personal brand that connects with people.

“So the days of commercials have changed, and so the best way to amplify your message is by building that personal brand,” serial entrepreneur Jeff Fenster says to Shawn Walchef of CaliBBQ Media. “I use this to provide value in my expertise and what I’ve learned from mentors, advisors and experience.”

Having already been a guest on Cali BBQ Media’s Digital Hospitality podcast years back, Fenster has long understood the importance of relationships in business. He has made a career out of developing, building, and nurturing his connections.

Jeff Fenster published a book on the topic of relationship capital entitled, Relationship Bank Account: How to Make Friends, Have Fun, and Attract Lifelong Success. The business advice book draws on his personal experience to offer insights into building relationships that last a lifetime.

“Relationships open everything. And so that’s such a meaningful part for me.” Fenster says of his inspiration for writing the book.

Jeff Fenster has benefited greatly from relationships with mentors throughout his career, and he encourages others to do the same. In the past, seeking out mentors was often considered unmanly, but he argues that new approaches to thinking and navigating business have made it a necessity.

“It’s not ingrained in the masculine culture in America to be humble and vulnerable and ask for help,” says Fenster. “I do not have to pay the dummy tax and I can learn from other people’s experience. And we live in such a wonderful time to do anything because you have access to information in your pocket.”

As a restaurant influencer, Fenster has been able to leverage his personal brand and relationships to great return. He has a large following on social media, and his focus on providing value to his audience has made him a trusted voice in the industry. This has led to him starting the Jeff Fenster Show.

“I’m excited. It is going to be a fun show where we interview entrepreneurs, A-listers, celebrities, athletes, and just overall amazing people, and reverse-engineer.” he says of the show’s goal.

“My goal through the show is to bring on these people and expose that formula to as many humans as possible so we can all be the best version of ourselves.” Fenster says the show will also provide a tactical approach to applying the success formula.

Whether he’s promoting healthy eating habits, sharing insights on building relationships, or creating media studios, Jeff Fenster is an entrepreneur who is controlling his own story.



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