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John Jantsch, host of the Duct Tape Marketing podcastIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I’m doing a solo show, and I’m talking about how AI tools could be used as research assistants to enhance their work, generate ideas, and create more powerful marketing strategies for our clients.

Key Takeaway:

AI prompts can help marketers generate new concepts, research thoroughly, and develop effective marketing strategies for their clients. The prompts cover topics like analyzing a client’s online presence, identifying the ideal client, discovering trends that can become opportunities, and even analyzing their competition. Also, by focusing on the emotional and personal aspects of the ideal clients, marketers can create targeted campaigns that resonate with their audience. While AI tools can enhance work, it’s important to test and retest output for accuracy and not just copy and paste the information and data given. 

Topics I Cover:

  • [01:12] AI tools as a research and idea generator assistant rather than a replacement.
  • [02:36] AI prompts to create more potent marketing strategies.
  • [05:50] Identifying competition.
  • [06:41] Core messages as strategic promises.
  • [10:02] AI prompts to identify industry trends, threats, and opportunities.
  • [12:42] Content hubs as a way to produce content.
  • [14:07] AI prompts for social media content and information.
  • [16:22] Prompts for strategic initiatives.

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