Persado now generates emotionally-targeted marketing messages for individuals. Copywriters, prepare to start feeling nervous: Persado uses machine learning and people’s reactions to previous campaigns to determine users’ emotional profiles and is now launching Persado One, which allows the text to be generated for individual users. MarTech Today

How many people see your content on each digital channel? This is a handy collection of benchmarks covering email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Apps and Snapchat. The Drum

B2B Marketers Shift Priorities From Generating Leads to Converting Them. B2B marketers’ top priority for generating more leads has dropped from 46% to 35%. The focus on converting leads to customers has increased from 34% to 42%. MarketingCharts

32% Of Marketers To Bring Programmatic Media Buying In-House. 50% of marketers and agencies believe Programmatic will ultimately become the responsibility of the brand. MediaPost

Burger King Gave Free Whoppers to People Dressed as Clowns on Halloween. BK is taking aim at McDonald’s with a stunt called #ScaryClownNight in which it will welcome people dressed as clowns (as Ronald McDonald himself, or Pennywise from It, or any clown really) by giving them a free Whopper. AdWeek

Facebook’s dynamic creative can generate up to 6,250 versions of an ad. Facebook is rolling out a way for brands to automatically create thousands of different versions of an ad that will vary in content based on who they are shown to and where they appear. MarketingLand

Average Blog Post Length

Personalization Continues to Provide Uplift in Conversion Rates for Online and Offline Channels. In fact, 39% of company marketers report a major uplift in search engine marketing conversion rates as a result of implementing personalization. Econsultancy via MarketingCharts

Twitter Debates Product, Brand-Focused Campaigns To Achieve Best ROI.  Over the short-term, product-focused campaigns on Twitter deliver a greater return on investment than those focused on brands, new research suggests.  MediaPost

iPhone X first impressions: The highs, lows and quirks. The notch on top is annoying, face detection will take some getting used to but you can animate emoji poop with facial expressions. Apparently the selfie portrait mode is the most redeeming feature. If you’ve grabbed an early release iPhone X, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.   CNNtech

Russian Influence Reached 126 Million Through Facebook Alone. Russian agents intending to sow discord among American citizens disseminated inflammatory posts that reached 126 million users on Facebook, published more than 131,000 messages on Twitter and uploaded over 1,000 videos to Google’s YouTube service, according to copies of prepared remarks from the companies that were obtained by The New York Times.  NYTimes

How is this news? People are furiously debating the correct placement of cheese in the burger emoji. Apple puts it above the burger patty — but Google has gone rogue and put it below. Even Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, has chimed in on the issue. Business Insider

Upcoming  TopRank Marketing Speaking Events:

Nov 7: Dreamforce, San Francisco
The Confluence Equation: How Content & Influencers Drive B2B Marketing Success – Content and influencer marketing are hot topics for B2B marketers all over the world as two of the most promising strategies for attracting, engaging and converting ideal customers. What many marketers don’t realize is how collaborating with influencers can create even more credible, relevant, and optimized experiences for target accounts. Join Lee Odden to learn how working with influencers and their communities can help scale quality B2B content that gets results.

Nov 9: Pubcon, Las Vegas
Participation Marketing: The New World of Content Co-Creation, Influencers and Integration for PR – The converging roles of PR and communications with content and marketing is creating rapid demand for new strategies, skills and expectations. As earned and owned media intertwine, communications professionals who fast track their ability to adapt and evolve will gain a competitive advantage in their roles in the new world of PR. In this session, you’ll learn tested and proven models, strategies and tactics for content marketing based on an integrated and cooperative approach.

Nov 15: SMXL, Milan
Content Marketing & Influence Integration – Without content, there wouldn’t be any search engines and yet most marketers treat content as if it were simply a tactic for SEO. Content is the fuel that powers all forms of media on all digital channels where customers engage. The most successful marketers approach digital marketing with a customer and content-centric approach that integrates with SEO, social media, influencers and advertising in a way that helps the brand become “the best answer” wherever customers are looking. When content is optimized, socialized, publicized, advertised and influencer-activated, everybody wins! This presentation focuses on how to plan, produce, promote and optimize content as a marketing approach that works with or without search engines. But definitely better with search engines. ?

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