50+ Top B2B Marketing Insights From Recent Emerging Trend Reports

Even though the “Roaring Twenties” moniker of a century ago today takes on a more menacing new tone in light of today’s COVID-19 pandemic, smart B2B marketers are still hard at work and looking ahead. The B2B marketing world of tomorrow will be shaped by the emerging marketing trends we have seen during the beginning of 2020, and we already have a wealth of insight to learn from new research data that has come out in recent marketing reports. We’ll take a look at:
  • Impressive Results in a Growing Influencer Marketing Industry
  • Social Media Changes & The Rising Importance of Trust
  • The Global Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • The Role of Emerging Digital Interfaces in B2B Marketing
  • How Voice & Conversational Search are Reworking ...
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4 Business-Boosting Strategies While Stuck in One Place

Trying times demand innovative measures for online and social media marketers. March 24, 2020 6 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Yup, things have changed. You don’t have the same resources you had a few weeks ago, and your kids are now your most unproductive co-workers ever — with no HR department to complain to. So, what can you do when you don’t have the resources you’re used to? You get resourceful. The “stuck at home” status is not a roadblock telling you to retreat from your goals and dreams. This is simply a detour and a reason to find another path to success, one that you can navigate without getting out of your pajamas. Seize the opportunity. Despite the challenges ...
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How to Strategically Take Your Event Online

Don't cancel your event; make it digital. March 24, 2020 4 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Now that many of us have transitioned to working from home, we are starting to get used to a new kind of normal. Collaborative tools such as Slack, Teams, Zoom and Google Hangouts have become our new best friends. But this new normal is missing the piece that has been the heart and soul of the economy since the Bronze Age: the marketplace. The event industry has been the first to take a blow because of the pandemic, with most business events being canceled or postponed until further notice. But events set the tempo for product releases, new business relationships and knowledge sharing. Business ...
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