Why You Should Stop Touting Your ‘Six-Figure Business’ in Your Media Pitches

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. It’s counterintuitive. When you need to impress someone, it’s only natural to start dropping in all the competitive advantages you’ve got into the short time you’ve been given. Chasing the credibility, many founders don’t notice when their pitch starts doing more harm than good. An overdressed pitch is like a teenage girl that puts on those fish-net tights plus the brightest make-up plus her Mom’s shiny jewelry on her first date. An overdressed pitch looks cheap and defeats the purpose. You don’t want your pitch to be looking cheap, do you? Keep reading, as below I’ve collected a few cheap flashy catchphrases to avoid in your pitch at all costs. The six-figure talkWhy avoid it: If your ...
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3 Ways Direct-to-Consumer Brands Can Leverage Media Coverage

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands have to stay visible in order to stay competitive, and that often means the need for a considerable advertising budget. Public relations can be a DTC secret weapon, however, provided the resulting media coverage is “sticky” and increases consumer trust. The hitch is that coverage for DTC brands is incredibly competitive, yet there are proven ways of making an earned media budget work overtime. Spread the link loveI've yet to come across a DTC brand that doesn't have an affiliate program, and they continue to grow in value as browsers restrict data and influencers incorporate affiliate links as part of their compensation. Few DTC brands, however, also consider how affiliate links can improve their ...
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The 5 Greatest Challenges of YouTube Marketing

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. YouTube has become a source of entertainment and fun for people of all ages in just a decade. Some of the world’s biggest brands already have their own YouTube channel, like Google, BMW, Disney and Lego. But big brands are not the only ones capitalizing on YouTube as a promotional venue. Companies of all sizes and types are embracing YouTube to deliver their messages and strengthen their sales pitch. There is no denying that YouTube presents a huge opportunity to reach and engage with diverse audiences, but only when done right. Here are some of the biggest challenges that marketers face on the platform.1. Targeting the wrong audience
    Many marketers make the mistake of targeting the wrong ...
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