The online marketing space is filled with techno babble. From squeeze pages to sales funnels to conversion optimizations and everything in between, it can become a bit dizzying. Especially if you’re just starting out online. But at the heart of any successful business is a scalable marketing campaign with a solid sales funnel. In order to build that funnel, you need landing page software.

Landing page software will save you time and money. The truth is that sales funnels are complex virtual machines. They’re built on a set of rules and integrate a variety of other services. To build one out, you either need a team of web developers and designers, or robust software. While the benefits to using landing software are plentiful, one of the core features is to help you quickly scale your business. 

Instead of spending weeks building out a funnel, you can spend hours concocting the proper offer and structure for your funnel. Then launch it out into the wild. You can monitor your ad spend and conversions, tweak what’s not working, and once it’s converting, spend more on your Facebook ads, YouTube ads or Google ads to scale. Obviously, if you can spend $1 and make $2 or $5 or even $10, you’ll scale almost infinitely. 

Who wouldn’t spend a million dollars if they knew they’d make two million? But to get there, you need to build the proper sales funnel. That takes some effort. And the right landing page software. But there are five ways you can actually use that software to scale quickly. If you’re looking to go from zero to hero, then these are the ways to do it. It’s not complicated, but it does take some planning and configuration. 

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What is landing page software? 

Landing page software lends automation to the sales funnel creation process. It helps you do it faster, easier and with less cost or overhead. Often, you won’t need to understand how to code or even know how to design web pages. It’s simple and nearly effortless. Now, what landing page software you actually choose is entirely up to you. There are several on the market, each with its own set of features and benefits. 

From ClickFunnels to InstaPage to LeadPages and more, there are several options to choose from. The most robust on the market? ClickFunnels. One of the best parts? Its action funnels. Action funnels offer a whole new world to email automation. Rules and triggers can move leads and customers between different action funnels for total customization in the marketing message, and laser-focused targeting. 

Clearly, the necessity to have landing page software for building out your funnels is pretty obvious. And at the end of the day, there are 5 primary ways you can use that software to scale out your business. Find the right platform that works for you and your business, and stick to it.

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1. Conceptualize and launch your sales funnels quickly.

The best part of having landing page software is the ability to conceptualize and launch your sales funnels quickly. It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in, if you’re serious about scaling, you need a sales funnel. And to launch that funnel quickly and almost effortlessly, you need the right landing page software.

Depending on your business, there are different funnels that are suitable to help you gain market saturation quickly. From free-plus-shipping funnels to tripwire funnels, webinars and everything in between, there’s a funnel out there that can take you from zero to hero quickly. But to conceptualize and launch those funnels without landing page software is a painful process. 

Instead, build your pages on the fly with ease. With the right software, you can quickly slap together the landing page with lead magnet or core offer, integrate your email system and sequence, setup your payment processor, and even build out your member’s area and other parts and components of the process.

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2. Split-test copy and images and pricing to optimize conversions.

Split-testing is something that can help you take a funnel that isn’t converting and turn it into a conversion optimization machine. However, split-testing in the real world often means manually tracking your numbers. It means logging and recording every single sale and click and visit to each of your pages to see just how much they converted.

Usually, it means having multiple spreadsheets going at the same time and lots of manual work. But with the right landing page software, you can quickly split-test everything, pick the winner and scale. It means a fraction of the work you’d have to do if you were actually tracking everything by hand.

In business, we often refer to this as the 80-20 Rule. Eighty percent of the results come from 20 percent of the efforts. If you can easily identify the efforts that lead to the results, you can scale. And that’s exactly why split-testing is so important. It’s something that moves the needle in a big way when done properly.

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3. Test different offers with ease.

Sales funnels can involve a variety of offers. There are ecommerce funnels that can be free-plus-shipping offers. There are info-product funnels that can include memberships or invisible webinars. There are high-ticket application funnels that can include an application to phone call. And loads of others.

The point being that you can scale your business by testing offers with ease. That’s one of the greatest benefits of having robust landing page software. Rather than waiting weeks or months to create the funnel and track its progress, you can do it within hours and days. Not weeks and months.

You can even go out there and model other funnels quickly. You can find a funnel that’s already crushing it and use SimilarWeb and AdBeat to discover every ad and segment of traffic to the funnel. Then, you can buy everything in the funnel, record the process, and use the information gleaning to test and scale your own offer with ease.

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4. Implement a continuity programs for passive income.

It’s hard to scale a business when you’re directly trading your time for income. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with that. However, in order to extricate yourself from the shackles of even your own 9-to-5 business, you need passive income. Passive income can be created through the use of a continuity program.

In fact, a continuity program should be used in some aspect of your business. It’ll allow you to have a form of guaranteed income that comes in month after month, even if you’re not adding any new customers. But the beauty of implementing a continuity program is that it will give you the freedom to scale your business.

There are lots of styles of continuity. You can create a member’s area that adds content every month. You can also ship out products every month to customers. And so on. However, these are hard to develop and create the auto-billing required to make them work without the right landing page software.

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5. Create up-sells and one-time offers to maximize average cart value.

The average cart value (ACV) is an important metric. It allows you to determine how much money you can spend to acquire a customer. However, when you lead straight into a core offer, maximizing the ACV is difficult. Without adding one-time offers and up-sells or even down-sells, it’s harder to maximize the amount of potential income you can earn from a person that comes through your sales funnel. 

With landing page software, that all changes. One-time offers and up-sells can be added with ease. Find complementary products or services and tack them on to your sales process. Once your ACV climbs, you can spend more to acquire a customer, and ultimately make it easier to scale your business fast. 


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